Body Somatic Therapy

We Help People Live Pain Free Through A Groundbreaking Method Of  Massage Therapy


We take a clinical approach to uncover the underlying cause of your pain, then create a customized treatment plan to address it. To accomplish this we do a thorough intake at the beginning of every session, listen to your input, and observe your posture.

We treat chronic pain with Body Somatic Therapy: We are the only massage therapy business in the Richmond area to offer this groundbreaking method.

Body Somatic Therapy is based on Rolfing and delivers intensive deep tissue massage. Our massage work is not a “spa massage” but a treatment to address specific pain and is ideal for treating back, neck, shoulder, knee, foot pain; headaches; or fibromyalgia.

We treat the whole person, not just your condition ... customizing each treatment to encourage balance of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

Going beyond massage to truly heal
Relief from pain may be easier than you think. Give Body Somatic Therapy a try, and discover how we go beyond massage to truly heal. This exciting form of deep tissue therapeutic massage is unique to Kansas City and uses advanced concepts of a structural integration to fix your problems from the source, and gives you long lasting results without painful or debilitating side-effects.


Working more than just muscles
Somatic bodywork is a remarkable method of structural bodywork developed by Carmelita Davis-Beets, founder of the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing. Body Somatic Therapy completely encompasses all aspects of the mind, body and spirit connection.

Physical injuries—even those that happened long ago—have a lasting impact on the structure of our body and often affect our emotional well-being. Somatic bodywork differs other touch therapies because pain relief is long lasting, and in some cases, permanent.

Body Somatics also focuses on emotional therapy, allowing the practitioner to truly help clients discover the source of pain and discomfort in their lives. Every one of us has emotional memories stored deep in the connective tissue at various places throughout our body, and stored emotional trauma can cause physical symptoms such as shoulder, neck and back pain, headaches, or stomach aches.

By addressing these emotions Body Somatics can get you living a healthier and happier life.

Get more benefits than massage
Research continues to show the enormous benefits of touch, which is why many people seek out the use of a traditional licensed massage therapist. With Body Somatic Therapy you get all of the benefits of massage and more. You get to explore the deeper causes of your body’s problems and you will discover how to correct them.

Wide range of treatment
Body Somatic Therapy is an effective form of treatment for any muscle in your body.

From head to toe, we can help you with problems in the most common areas such as: shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, upper and lower back, head, neck, hips, legs, hands, and feet.

Bodywork is also the answer for conditions like: Carpal Tunnel, headaches, back pain and scoliosis, sports injuries and rehabilitation, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia, TMJ, spasms, and restricted range of motion.

"Very, very good massage therapists! Professional, nicely decorated offices. Ray and John are constantly offering tea or water with the massage and are open to feedback. Very reasonable prices.  I have recommended a few people to NorthStar Wellness and they have been very satisfied as well. I really like being able to schedule my appointment online, so you don't play phone tag and can even schedule after-hours; I think I'll schedule my next massage now!! :)"

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