Holistic Energywork 

Mixing The Old And New
Holistic Energywork is a unique form of therapy that joins modern scientific and philosophical theory with ancient traditional concepts of life force, or energy. This technique uses principles of quantum physics, dialogue, and spirituality to dive deep into the very essence of who you are, why you are here, and how to overcome the obstacles of your past.


A Holistic View Of Illness
The holistic view of disease is very different from western medicine’s ideas of illness. With holistic therapies a disease is  more than its symptoms, and treating the symptoms will not change the underlying causes of the disease process. Instead, with Holistic Energywork, disease and distress can be viewed as opportunities for increased awareness of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. By working with our clients on such deep levels we are able to help them discover the true causes of illness in their body and help them reclaim responsibility of their own health.

Chronic illness is often accepted as something that you will have to live with long-term, perhaps even the rest of your life. However, this case isn't necessarily true; given the right support and opportunities your body can heal itself from illness.


Correcting The Causes
We assist you in assessing the deepest causes of your illness state and how to heal them. By working with you we discover lifestyle changes that your body needs in order to create wellness. The emphasis of this work is on empowering you to participate in your own healing.

An Ideal Complimentary Treatment
Holistic Energywork sessions are not designed as a stand alone replacement for medical care in severe cases of illness. In these situations Holistic Energywork is great as a complimentary care practice to traditional western medical treatments. If you are under treatment for a serious disease you may want to talk with your doctor beforehand about including a Mind-Body intervention such as energy healing. This is for your safety and so your health care provider can develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Like other situations, the success of your treatment will depend on how willing you are to be involved with your own healing.


Create Authentic Relationships

Whether they are with friends, family, or even enemies,  our relationships have a huge impact on how we experience ourselves. Problems in current relationships are based on previous life experiences and must be deeply addressed in order to allow healing to take place and situations to change. If you have difficulties with others in your life then this type of work can assist you in developing healthy, beneficial, and authentic relationships while gaining the personal strength to be able to let go of relationships that are hurting you.

See Things From A Greater Perspective

Through regular Holistic Energywork sessions you will explore the events that have occurred in your past and what deep meanings they hold for you. The insights you gain will improve your understanding of what is truly important to you, and help you to take action to develop your hidden potential.

Making Sense Of Trauma
There are no coincidences, and you are constantly creating your future life on many different levels of consciousness. The subconscious mind is very powerful, and when necessary it will organize traumatic events to catch your attention and get you to make changes. Unfortunately not all of us are able to see the signs set forth by our deeper selves. By learning to communicate with your body, and understand you own intuition, you will be able to make sense of past traumas and prevent future disasters.

The Importance Of Treatment

Anxiety, depression, and emotional disorders can be life threatening if left untreated. Emotions are the fuel lines that tie your soul to your body and these conditions are signals that you need to check under the hood. More and more links are being made between these conditions and the development of dangerous medical problems. In the past common treatments for these have been medicating the symptoms into submission or perhaps even psychotherapy.

covering the problem

Unfortunately medications frequently do nothing to cure the causes of problems. They simply mask the symptoms; flooding the body with artificial chemicals in an attempt to balance the body's delicate neuropeptides (chemical signals) and allow the body's own systems to fix what is wrong. This approach can lead to the body depending on these artificial drugs instead of manufacturing its own chemicals. Psychotherapy is a great tool for analysis of the illness but can lack the ability to correct it.

Working For A True Solution
By working with you, we help you understand the sources of your emotions and any dysfunction you may be experiencing from a new perspective. Frequently these emotions come from early life events and by processing them properly your current behaviors will change and you will experience dynamic emotional capabilities without medications (we do not advocate stopping any medical treatments without first consulting your doctor).

Once again, the success of your treatment will depend on how willing you are to be involved with your own healing.