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John Michael Waller

Owner, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

John Michael Waller has been using his skills in Therapeutic Massage and Yoga Therapy to help people live pain free since 2010. Having obtained a comprehensive education in the many varieties of massage, John specializes in using Body Somatic Therapy to find and correct imbalances in the body’s structure that cause pain and injury. His bright smile and laughter make John a quick favorite for his clients and students.

John began his education with the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing where he received his foundational training in Body Somatic Therapy. It was during his 170 hours of coursework in Body Somatics at the Midwest Institute that he began to develop an appreciation for the human body’s structure and the balance that is required to maintain optimal health. This view of muscular rehabilitation and movement re-education is one of the reason John has such a high success rate with his clients. Unfortunately, the Midwest Institute was unable to survive the economic disaster that began in 2008 and had to close. John was forced to restart his training from the ground up at Heritage College in Kansas City, Missouri where he completed 1,220 hours of study and received an Associate’s Degree of Therapeutic Massage with top honors as one of the best students in his class.

His training with Heritage College has given John a balanced approach to his treatments with skills such as: medical massage, pregnancy and infant massage, geriatric massage, sports massage, chair massage, both Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and traditional American nutrition.

Along with his skills as a Massage Therapist, John is also a certified Holistic Health Counselor. Completing his 144 hour training program with the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing, John took his understanding of the human body one step further. With his studies in Holistic Nutrition he learned how we receive vital nourishment from all aspects of our lives (not just what we eat), and that our bodies have a bio-individuality that will require a unique blend of foods to feel their best and combat disease.

John is co-founder of NorthStar Wellness, a wellness center that utilizes a holistic approach to help individuals reduce pain and live the life they want. His clientele includes a variety of individuals from stay-at-home parents and weekend warriors to professional athletes and celebrities.

In his spare time John loves expressing his creativity in any way possible through his artistic skills, experiencing the tranquility of the outdoors, and caring for his collection of plants.

John Michael Waller
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