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Get To Know Us

NorthStar Wellness began in 2014 when John & Raymond brought together their years of experience in massage and wellness training with a mission to help those experiencing pain to find lasting relief. Over the years our team has grown, but we still have the same goal: helping you lose the pain and live your life.

Where To Find Us

Our wellness center is located on the northwest corner of Richmond's downtown square in the historic Grand Masonic Lodge building built in 1925. A public parking lot is located nearby at North Main & College Street.

Why We Do Wellness

We are passionate and determined about our work to help others reach their greatest potential. We strive to recognize when we are wrong and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Through our communications with each other and our clients we practice humility, modesty, and honesty to ensure we do not become arrogant. With our work, we understand that we can be successful without creating harm and can convey professionalism without being dull.

We commit to our customers that we will do our very best to create a safe and fun environment for their healing. We encourage our team to be bold and act with self-confidence in fostering innovation and quality in their work. Using our skills as specialists we believe it is best to do one thing really, really well and practice doing more with less.

We are here to create growth in both our clients and our team. We embrace change and challenge each other to be adventurous, creative, and open minded. Through lifelong learning we help people reach their full potential in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Our most important assets are our customers. We must think of customers first and everything else will follow. Anticipating the needs of those we serve, we work to build an open and honest relationship through communication. We treat everyone with respect, seeking out and promoting diversity through staff hiring practices, reaching new customer bases, and involvement in a variety of communities. We believe in an attitude of co-prosperity recognizing that we cannot be successful unless we work to create prosperity and opportunity for those around us.

NorthStar Wellness storefront
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