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Raymond Waller

Owner, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Since 2005, Raymond Waller has been helping individuals accomplish their health goals and live pain free with his training in Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Energywork, and Yoga. While he enjoys teaching classes, his passion is using Body Somatic Therapy to find and correct imbalances in the body’s structure that cause pain and injury so his clients can get back to the life they love.

Raymond began his education with the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing where he received his foundational training in Body Somatic Therapy, graduating in 2005. It was during his 890 hours of coursework in Body Somatics at the Midwest Institute that he developed an appreciation for the body’s structure and the balance required to maintain optimal health. The unique curriculum at the Midwest Institute gave Raymond advanced, high-level training  in the pain mechanisms in the body with an emphasis on the importance of balance in a person’s Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit. This view of muscular rehabilitation, movement re-education, and holistic balance is one reason Raymond has such a high success rate with his clients not only with pain management but as well as personal growth.

As an entirely new perspective on the body began to develop in his mind, Raymond made the decision to continue his studies at the Midwest Institute and enrolled in their Zen Shiatsu Massage and Wholistic Energy Healing programs simultaneously.

It was during his Zen Shiatsu Massage program that Raymond received his in-depth education on the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These concepts taught him how life-force energy travels through our bodies, about the meridians and acupressure points through which it can be manipulated, and how imbalances in this energy can impede the body’s proper functions.  After completing 124 course hours in Zen Shiatsu, Raymond made the difficult decision to exit the program to focus his attention on his Wholistic Energy Healing classes.

Raymond was then able to complete the 563 hours to graduate the Wholistic Energy Healing program in 2006. While being unconventional, Raymond was drawn to the program’s scientific approach to ancient healing traditions. Here he further cultivated his skills of therapeutic communication and working with the body’s energy systems such as the chakras and meridian systems. With a focus on helping others deepen connection with the inner workings of their own body, this training gave Raymond the ability to help his clients to identify their hidden emotions and how they relate to circumstances in their life.

In 2008, Raymond went on to complete an additional 291 hours of training in Holistic Nutrition Consulting at the Midwest Institute. The holistic approach to wellness emphasized by this program seemed to perfectly tie together the skills from Raymond’s previous education and gave him a framework to show clients they are nourished not just by the foods they eat but by their lifestyle. He began to work with his clients to identify what life changes were needed, to identify the foods that work best with their body’s chemistry, and to effect various diseases and chronic conditions with diet changes.

Raymond is co-founder of NorthStar Wellness, a wellness center that utilizes a holistic approach to help individuals reduce pain and live the life they want. His clientele includes a variety of individuals from stay-at-home parents and weekend warriors to Olympic athletes, Hollywood’s elite, and international fitness trainers.

In addition to his private practice, Raymond has worked alongside some of Kansas City’s leading natural health care providers such as Dr. Nancy Russell of Nurturing Optimal Wellness and Dr. David Cosner of Northland Chiropractic. He also enjoys hosting community classes and workshops, and served on the staff at the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing as Assistant Director to both the Wholistic Energy Healing and Holistic Nutrition Consulting programs as well as leading the Essence of Healing class. 

In 2021, Raymond was honored to be voted as Best Massage Therapist from the Town & Country Leader’s Community Excellence Awards.

In his spare time Raymond enjoys reading, learning the art of gardening, practicing his nutrition skills by cooking at home, and has recently challenged himself to overcome a lifelong aversion to exercise to become more active.

Raymond Waller
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